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Groomsmen's Swagger-Filled Wedding Reception Entrance Is Epic

They certainly know how to make an entrance!

The groomsmen at this wedding definitely know how to make an entrance! @Stanlo Photography caught this swagger filled entry to the reception, and it is fun!

The six groomsmen come dancing into a roomful of cheers. You can hear the DJ say "They came out with the swag for tonight, they are ready!" They come out wearing sunglasses and really feeling themselves!

They all bust out with the dance moves and clearly the crowd is enjoying the entertainment. From some old school dance moves to some new ones, they start off with a choreographed dance entrance. It's clear that these friends are thoroughly enjoying themselves, and so are we! This TikTok makes us want to get up and dance!

What was surprising to us is that this video didn't get more comment love. Usually videos like this go crazy, but for some reason this one didn't. Too short? People just haven't found it yet? We aren't sure why, but for some reason there are only two comments on this rockin' and rollin' fun. TWO!

The first commenter, @Alli Steve says, "That’s my brotherrrr @radroro7!" The other comment is from Stan the photographer himself. It's just a laughing emoji and the fire emoji. 

We expected more comments about the show these guys put on. Not that they need it. It's definitely clear from the video that they had a blast dancing, and that the audience had just as much fun as they did. We bet that wasn't the only time they were on the dance floor that night!