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Groom's Incredible Gesture Toward Bride and Her Bridesmaids Gives Us All the Feels

Weddings are meant to be an occasion to remember for a lifetime. They are a time to experience love, romance, and joy with your partner, shared with all your family and friends, and one man delivered on all of it. This groom gave his bride and her bridesmaids one heck of a surprise with this sweet and thoughtful gesture. 

TikToker Corrine shares the special moment in this clip in which she calls “the most romantic thing he's ever done.” They were caught completely by surprise, and as you can see, there's not one dry eye in the house. Grab your tissues because this is adorable!

What a great man! It seems like words of affirmation are the love language in this relationship. Any man that not only shows love for his bride, but also her bridesmaids is definitely a keeper for sure. The look on her face says it all as well, and you can tell this sentiment by him means a lot to her. 

Viewers from all over are completely smitten with this guy's sweet and thoughtful gesture as well. One user, @mommajudes, says, “It’s like a Colleen Hoover book.” That it is! Another commenter, @mmaadddddyy adds, “He has set the bar so high.” Gentlemen, take notes! This is how it's done. TikToker @sarahmtorres_ shares, “Bro this is when you KNOW you chose the right one."

It's clear that this man has got it figured out when it comes to getting his lady (and her friends and family) caught all in the feels. We wish them all the best!