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Groom's Emotional Reaction to Seeing His Bride Is Going Viral

His best man was just as choked up.

This is going to make your day! @angelabrushphotography shared the sweetest video of a groom seeing his bride for the first time. The emotion is all over his face!

But what's just as great as the groom's emotional reaction is his groomsmen's reactions! They're just as excited and anxious to see the bride. We love the support the best man shows, and how he watched the groom for his reactions. He's got a cute little smile, too!

Y'all. This TikTok has over 3.8 million views! It struck a chord with a lot of TikTokers! People absolutely adored the groom's reaction and we're so glad that Angela captured the moment to share with us!

Commenters had lots to say. @Taylah Alligan says, "Men need to realise how masculine it actually is to show emotion - best part of every wedding is the guy's reactions." She's right! @Kellybee78 shares, "Every girls dream to have her man look at her like this" @Chris Lux notices, "They were both tearing up. His best man embracing him to give him that extra strength."

It seems the best man won the commenters over. At the end of the video, Angela says to leave a comment if you want to see the bride, to which @Special K responds, "I do really wanna see the bride, but I really wanna see more of the best man!" He's a cutie for sure! @Sarah Bailey says, "I’ll take the best man tho!" as does @Ashley Marie who asks, "May I please marry the best man?" 

And the best man has something to say, though doesn't acknowledge all the love he got. @peterbernard0 says, "As the best man in this video I've been best friends with the groom since we were in preschool. Also both our names are Peter." We guess he's cute and humble!

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