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Groom's Epic Wedding Reception Dance Moves Are Going Viral

This guy has some serious rhythm!

Talk about making a grand entrance! Usually on a couples' wedding day, the focus is centered around the bride. This groom was not about to be left out of the spotlight!

@Bonnie Su shared a TikTok of her now-husband Dan as he makes his entrance into their wedding. He comes dancing in, but it doesn't end there. His entire crew (groomsmen) all are part of the action!

Isn't that the best? Such a great entrance. It looks like they all had a blast! And the groom has got some moves! @Karen Botox asked what we all were wondering, "That's sooooo cute!! How many dozen hours did they practice!?!?" Bonnie replies back with, "Actually he did it pretty last minute - less than 2 days before." We thought they'd practiced for weeks!

Bonnie also shares in the comments section, "Thank you so much for the love (and the concerns lol). Groom & I met through dancing 8.5 yrs ago, it's a big part of our lives! I was definitely the center of attention for most of the day, so I'm glad Dan had his moment! This was 100% approved by me before hand."

While most of the comments were positive, there were some negative ones out there. But commenters weren't having it. @Believers said, "10 min toooo long." Two other commenters responded back with "not your wedding", and @Connie jumped in with, "You have a problem with watching joy? Man…"

@mm.hamilton39 shares, "Love it!!! A unique memory no one will forget…and distinctive to this couple…and that’s what is important." While Dan made a grand entrance, Bonnie was not outshined. She shared a video of her walking down the aisle as well. She looked beautiful! And wait till you see Dan's face when he sees her. Such love!

Congrats to the beautiful couple on their marriage. Their wedding is one that guests won't soon forget!