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Groom Boldly Declares He 'Won't Cry at His Wedding' and People Are Taking Bets

Aww... weddings. They bring out the emotion in all of us, and sometimes, the sheer excitement and overwhelm of the day is even enough to make the toughest people cry like a baby. How could it not?! Of course, some folks get a little bit embarrassed at the thought of being weepy in front of all of their guests.

Case in point, this one groom-to-be who insisted there was no way he was going to shed one single tear upon seeing his bride come down the aisle. In a video that was shared on TikTok by @samantharoseg, we see this guy declare that he will most definitely NOT cry at his upcoming wedding. He's sitting not only with his fiance, but with friends and family, who all started taking bets on whether he'd wind up breaking down. The video goes on to show what happened on the actual wedding day. Any guesses as to whether he lived up to his promise?

Anddddd he couldn't contain himself when he saw his bride coming down the aisle! Guess even men who claim to be the toughest all have their moments of letting it all go. Of course, as one viewer, @Just a 33 year old laaadddyyy, pointed out, "Crying at the wedding is a major green flag 🥰." For sure! It just goes to show the outpouring of love and that a person is truly invested.

Another commenter, @S added, "My husband doesn’t cry EVER about anything or anyone but he bawled like a baby at our wedding. It was beautiful and made me feel beautiful." Aww. So sweet. And TikTok user @nicolewhite256 threw a good dose of humor into the mix, saying, "Those were big words coming from a man drinking a High Noon seltzer. 😉" HA! Love it.

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Both this TikTok and the actual wedding video will be treasured memories this couple will keep forever. As for the groom? He might want to think twice about making too many bold statements going forward. You never know when he might be caught off guard again.

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