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Bride Shares How She Caught Her Fiancé Cheating on Her Wedding Day

We've all heard our fair share of scandalous cheating stories, but what happened to one woman seriously takes the cake. We honestly don't even know where to begin with this, so you'll just have to hear it for yourself! 

TikToker @four.nine shares the shocking two-part story of how she caught her fiancé cheating with his married co-worker on their wedding day. Get ready, as this story is a doozie! 

Right out of the gate, this couple is already having troubles and red flags are popping up everywhere. She's questioning his fidelity and he's accusing her of not trusting him. If a couple is having trust issues in the days leading up to the wedding, is getting married really a good idea? On second thought, if you're in marriage counseling before you even get married, is getting married really a good idea? The story continues. 

The audacity of this guy! We can only imagine how devastated she must have been to catch her man in the act. Not only that, he had the nerve to take advantage of her financially, which viewers have thoughts on as well. User @mandyingram13 adds, "I would have sued him for the cost of the whole wedding.. every dime then compensation," and @kelseyz85 advises, "Ladies.. if you pay for it put it in your name ONLY!!!! If he guilts you tell him take it or leave it." Commenter @srgoff74 insists, "Always trust your gut. You dodged a bullet, even though it’s destructive to your life, it would have happened later with kids."

Well, if there's any silver lining to this story, at least she found out what a scumbag he was before they actually said, "I do," and now she's much better off without him. 

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