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Groom and Older Brother's Emotional Reactions to Bride Make Us Teary-Eyed

Neither one of them could contain themselves!

We're not crying, you're crying over this sweet video @Hannah Elizabeth shared of her wedding day. Get your feelers ready because this will definitely hit you hard!

Not only did someone capture Hannah's husband-to-be's reaction to him seeing his bride walking down the aisle, but they also captured her older brother's reaction, and both are heartwarming!

Can you even? We love that the groom is singing the song - clearly it's an important one to him. It's a perfect down-the-aisle song, isn't it? Hannah says in her caption, "There are so many emotions in this vid", and she's not wrong. And we don't even know any of these people!

But her brother crying is what won our hearts, and lots of other ones! @mriede swoons, "What a sweet brother!" @Jennifer shares, "I shot a wedding recently and the big brother helped her get her shoes on. He got as far as “this is just like I used to do…” and we all lost it." We did too when we read that comment! @Katie added, "The way your brother kept checking on your groom." And we're with @JessHarper87 who says, "Your brother crying has got me crying!! It's the sweetest."

We laughed at @HBIC12's comment, "That’s beautiful!! All I got was my husband leaning over and whispering, “see told you I would show up!”" We also liked @Beth's advice, "This is the video I’ve started taking. Everyone looks at the bride, I video the groom. It’s a small gift I can give." 

And @Devon Brean said what we were all thinking, "Wait.!! Don’t leave us hanging I wanna see you too!!!!" Hannah shared another video showing the newlyweds together. She looked gorgeous, and they both look beyond happy. Congratulations to them!

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