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Groom's Loving Words for Bride's Late Husband Are So Touching

It's interesting, many men these days don't like for their wives to talk about their past lovers, but not this man who's warming hearts on TikTok recently. In fact, HE is the one doing the talking - at his own wedding!

In a clip shared by Jade Hall, one man took it upon himself to honor his wife's late husband during his wedding vows, proving just how far love truly can go. 

What a beautiful way to demonstrate honor and respect to his wife by going out of his way to commend and compliment her late husband. This is what an emotionally intelligent man sounds like, and you can tell Jade is absolutely touched by his speech. 

This has got everyone else right in their feels too. Viewer @donnerdinnerparty says, "This man understands that her late husband is part of her story, what makes her… her." Yes, exactly. Her late husband still holds a significance in her life forever and he does the right thing but acknowledging that. Another commenter, @dogginround32, adds, "How beautiful to be genuinely loved but not one but TWO people in your lifetime." Lastly, @tag.tinki comments, "He's a keeper, he is a man, he is wonderful and you are blessed to have him. What a Beautiful speech." Indeed, this man is definitely a keeper!

It takes a lot of maturity and self assurance to sing the praises of the man who love his wife before him, and this guy's got it. Nevertheless, we know Steven is smiling down from above now that Jade is loved by another great man.