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Comedian Shares the Funny Truth About 'Grocery-Shopping' Husbands

It's best to learn this as early as possible.

If you're married, this will definitely hit home! @Steve Treviño made husbands and wives everywhere laugh out loud talking about when wives send their husbands to the grocery store. 

Steve is doing a standup comedy routine and decides to take on the topic of husbands going to the grocery store for their wives. His caption offers this advice, "Husbands, know your brands before you go grocery shopping." It's actually top-notch advice!

We laughed when his wife "asked" him if he was thinking of going to the grocery store, and how he explained to the younger guys that that question means she's actually "telling" him he's going to the store. "Don't be a dumbass and answer, 'no I wasn't thinking of going to the store.' She just told you to go to the store." For us married folk, that is exactly what she was doing!

Commenters had fun with the topic, too. @Nish laughs, "This man is helping so many marriages with his videos....BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS!" @Michael Wehr adds this advice, "Always FaceTime to prove it isn’t there." @Janessa Hook would probably agree with Michael because she shares, "My husband can't see things. He says they don't have it, then FaceTimes me and it's right in front of him." Sounds very familiar!

@Gingpunzel tries to cover all bases, but it doesn't always work, "The list I send him with includes brand, scent/flavor, package count, AND if we need more than 1. Still calls me and asks for help." Our favorite comment came from @Irma Sage, "I’ll ask “Are you doing anything today?” He gets what I mean and responds, “Yeah, whatever you’re about to ask me to do.”" Irma's husband is a smart man!

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