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Grandpa's Emotional Reaction to Bride Asking Him to Walk Her Down the Aisle Is Priceless

Welp? Sometimes all it takes is one TikTok video to take you from having a perfectly normal day to being reduced to a puddle of tears. Warning: that's exactly what's going to happen after you watch this video of a grandfather finding out that his granddaughter wants him to walk her down the aisle alongside her dad on her wedding day.

The clip was shared by @tenealeske, and in it, you'll see grandma and grandpa sitting at a table, and grandpa opens and reads a card that was written by his granddaughter, the video creator. The text overlay on the clip lets us know that the card is asking him to do her the honor of giving her away. You'll want to go grab a box of tissues before watching this. Just trust us.

Um, can you even? Anyone who can watch that video without getting teary-eyed doesn't have a pulse. Needless to say, pretty much everyone who watched it is feeling all of the feels after seeing grandpa's reaction. One commenter, @Victoria Herna, really summed things up perfectly by saying, "I’m not emotionally stable for this beautiful moment." Yeah. None of us are either! It's just too much.

Another TikTok user, @Britt Smith added, "I’m in tears 😭, This is so special, I wish mine was still here so I could ask him the same in the future 🤍 I hope you have a beautiful wedding." And @Courtney chimed in with, "I can’t cope with this! My heartstrings just snapped 😭."

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We can't even begin to imagine how touched her grandpa was, given how all of us are feeling! One thing's for sure, when he finally does walk her down that aisle, it's bound to be an even more emotional moment. Fingers crossed she decides to share a clip from the wedding with the rest of the world, too!

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