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Grandpa's Confusion Over 'Eggplant' Emoji Wins the Internet

This might be the funniest thing we've seen all year.

We can't even with how funny this is! @Pawpa and JRay are a TikTok duo. You can tell that this guy and his grandfather are extremely close, and they get into some very funny shenanigans. This one tops the internet...maybe for the year!

Dating is hard, and it has to be especially hard for seniors. It seems like Pawpa has an okay grip on technology, but maybe he's not as familiar with emoji and online slang. The results of this are fantastic.

Is that not hilarious?! The eggplant emoji for the win! Pawpa is so confused as to why his lady friend keeps sending him eggplant emojis, and he just assumes she's asking for eggplant. But it's not actual eggplant that she's asking for wink, wink. "Pawpa, she does not want an actual eggplant." Pawpa's so confused, "What does she want?" There exchange is too funny. J Ray can't bring himself to explaining what the eggplant represents, so he just leaves it alone.

@crystalcrawford69 is all of us when she asks, "Lord please explain it to him and film his reaction. And hers." @Scott Allen isn't buying it though, "The old man’s a player. He knows what’s up." @Diligent07 cracked us up with, "Bless his heart! Let him buy one and give it to her." So did @Tricia with, "Put on the Berry White album and light the candles Pawpa is headed home." @Ashley Stone laughs, "Man I wanna see this reaction video when you tell him what she really wants!"

We also laughed at @tenderheartsos's comment, "Maybe behind time but what does that mean?" No one responded! Our advice to her is to maybe just Google it.

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