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Grandpa's Sweet 'Date Night' for 7-Year-Old Granddaughter Is Too Perfect

Her mom was so appreciative that he did this for her.

Being a single mom is hard, but if you're lucky enough to have a father like @Abbey Fickley who is always helping and supporting her and her daughter Myla, consider yourself blessed!

Abbey recently posted a video captioned, "My fellow single mamas will appreciate this one" with a heart emoji. Her dad took her daughter on a date. They went downtown to see The Nutcracker and have dinner at a fancy steakhouse. It looks like that had a fantastic time!

We're not sure who looks happier, Papi or Myla! We love that he opened the door for her just like a real date. He even bought her a nutcracker that we're sure she will treasure forever. Everything about this is just so sweet!

Of course commenters absolutely adored this and had a lot to say about Abbey's share. Abbey herself starts it off with, "I have the best dad in the world. He saved my life, and he consistently shows Myla what a girl deserves." @BABY BOY BUCKY got us right in the heart when he said, "As someone who grew up without a dad, but my grandpa was like one… she’ll remember this forever." @Liz agreed with, "Quality grandpa vibes! She’ll remember that for the rest of her life!" @Jennifer Jones wasn't wrong when she shared, "The joy on her face and your dad showing her what a man looks like." @Tina G asks, "Is he single? What a great guy." We loved Abbey's answer, "Married to my mom for 30+ years and still going!"

By far, our favorite comment came from @sophi who said, "You just filmed a core holiday memory for her." We agree! Myla will never forget this date night with her Papi. She's a lucky little girl.

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