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Grandma Goes Viral on TikTok While Getting Ready for Her Ex's Funeral

At a certain age, death become viewed as inevitable. Though sadness and the feeling of loss is still a part of the grieving process, some prefer to take a more humorous approach to this particular fact of life, and such is true for one grandma going viral on TikTok

 In this clip, @grandma_droniak is spiritedly showing us how she gets ready for an ex's funeral with class, while finding a way to honor him with a bit of a personal touch as well. Suffice it to say, this lady has spunk!

What a woman! This grandma sure does have a style about her and she seems like a hoot to be around. It's great how she decided to honor him with her makeup and outfit while remaining positive and even a bit humorous. 

This grandma is stealing hearts from all around the world. Commenter @sarahanncrankypants says, "You are the role model I've been waiting for and @xriicn says, "Granny your not stealing the spotlight your the spotlight." Other users are truly inspired by her unique approach to life and death. User @_sophie.soso_ says, "If I'm not like this when I'm older, I've definitely done something wrong."

Who says funerals have to be sad for everyone? Some people deal with death different and we can respect that. This woman has an affectious personality and we can see why her ex loved her. You can believe the pair had fun while they were together and that now he's smiling from above. 

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