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Grandma's Funny Rule About Drinking on Dates Is Actually Pretty Wise

She really does have a point.

Everybody knows that grandmas always give the best advice. So when @excusemygrandma, whose name is Kim, shared some dating advice from her Grandma Gail, we listened because grandmas know everything about life! 

The TikTok shows Grandma Gail getting out a wine glass and opening a bottle of white wine. Grandma has probably been tipsy before, so she knows how dating and drinking at the same time may not always be a smart idea. Everything in moderation, and all. Anyways, her advice is on point!

While Grandma Gail doesn't actually speak the advice, it's as good of advice as any and a dating rule to remember! Grandma Gail tells Kim never to have more than one drink on a date because you may not really know whether you like him, or if you're just having a good time. We've all been on dates and end up drinking more than we should simply to get through it. On the flip side of that, we've all been on dates and drank too much, wondering if your date was really as great as you remember. Maybe you're just a good date, who knows!

@Kristian Gist doesn't hold back when she shares, "This is great advice because I genuinely have the best time with myself after 2 glasses of wine." @Samiwap agrees, "My last date I remember thinking: “I’m so funny!" And @Meep made us laugh saying, "Grandma would be disappointed in me and my choices." 

If you got a kick out of this, check out Kim's TikToks because Grandma Gail is not only a fountain of advice, she's stylish, funny, and really looks out for her granddaughter. The two of them seem like best friends! BRB - we're going to go call our grandmas now!