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Woman's Grandma Has Zero Chill When It Comes to Her Finding a Boyfriend

Grandma's can say the darnedest things. That's what one woman found out during an outing with her grandma, when she received a piece of unsolicited relationship advice from out of nowhere. 

 This clip, shared by @excusemygrandma shows us first hand what it's like to have a grandma that has zero chill when it comes to her granddaughter's love life.

The savagery! This grandma isn't messing around, she gets straight to the point. It's understandable that once you get to a certain age in this life, you just don't have time for beating around the bush. You say what's on your mind and you tell it like it is. Though, I'm sure her comment was said with love of course. 

Viewers are loving this grandma's no-bs energy. User @riemax2 said, "She just dropped a massive truth bomb." Indeed she did! Another user, @billieo7, adds, "I just love her! No nonsense, direct, honest and her voice level always rises to the occasion. She makes me laugh every time."

Viewer @theplugdrink says, "Letting the yungins know they come to correct," and @chicagografittilegend claims, "Studies have shown that the greater the variety of choices, the more difficult it is to decide."

While it may be true that the more options, the more difficult it is to choose, at least you're more likely to find something (or someone) on the men that suits your tastes optimally. 

Though this grandma is very direct, one thing is still clear, she has her granddaughter's back and only wants the best for her. If she's ever in need of some honest advice, she knows who to ask. 

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