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Couple's Epic Gondola Ride Engagement Is Going Viral

What a cool place to propose!

Who doesn't love a good proposal story, and this one is so cute! @alexx.fitt shares her story, and it made our hearts so happy.

It starts with Alexx and her boyfriend on a gondola ride - the kind that goes up in the sky, not in the water. They're up checking out the sights, and she says she can't figure out why he's shaking so much. She thought it was because he's afraid of heights. In the video, you can see him point at something that caused her to look out the window behind her. That's when he made his big move.

Isn't that just the sweetest? She is totally surprised and caught off guard. In fact, the caption of her TikTok reads, "I had literally NO IDEA!!!!" We could tell. Surprise, out of left field proposals make the best proposals. She was so shocked that she recently posted another TikTok and said, "Still shaking to this day." 

Commenters also were feeling the love. @Nikki says, "The way he’s super nervous is SO cute! Happy for you." @Anna liked, "The way he points out something so he can sneak down onto one knee!" @Andrew noticed, "The way you blushed when he proposed." Alexx herself responded to that one with, "I turned beat red that was more than a blush!" And @ansley foulks swoons, "This is exactly how I’d want it. Private and simple."

While most of the comments were about how cute the proposal was and offering congratulations, there was one commenter who had to be the Debbie Downer. @Jimmy points out, "You didn’t see the camera he set up?" A couple of commenters were with him on the point, but others weren't having it. @memosagrove asks, "Who hurt you geez."

We're always happy to see love winning. Congrats to the future husband-and-wife-to-be!