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Boyfriend's Reaction to Girlfriend's Surprise Trip Is Too Cute

He was so confused at first.

If there's one thing we like, it's a good surprise! They're always better when the surprise is for us, but watching other people get surprised when they least expect it is fun too! @Kylie Noon recently surprised her boyfriend, and it seems that she got him good!

Kylie and her boyfriend live in California, and she decided to surprise him for his birthday by planning a trip to New York City. The video starts with Kylie's parents (we're guessing...maybe her boyfriend's parents?) showing up to come and pick up the dog. Her boyfriend is so confused by this and asks why. That's when Kylie drops the bomb!

Fun surprise, right? He seemed shocked, like he was trying to process the news. Our favorite part is when she said, "Remember when we went to Nordstrom Rack and you threw a tantrum?" Everybody who's been in a long-term relationship knows exactly how that goes! That made us laugh! @Mariah Rose liked it too, "“And you were throwing a tantrum” So cute!" Since they live in California, her boyfriend was probably trying to figure out why in the heck they'd need winter coats!

Some commenters noticed how cute Molly the dog was during all of the excitement. @Araceli said, "Molly rolling around in her blanket!" Kylie replied back, "She thought all the excitement was about her!" If you're bad at keeping secrets, you'll get @Madeline's comment, "Dude IDK how you kept it from him I'm so bad at not telling!" We're bad at secret keeping, too!

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