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Boyfriend's Response to Girlfriend Farting in Front of Him Couldn't Be Better

Somebody had to break the ice.

Okay, this TikTok is just funny. Like on every level. You know when you've been dating for a while and are finally getting comfortable with each other, but there's still those things that you can't do in front of each other? The time was right finally, and @thebrandonrobert's girlfriend decided to say, "Enough!"

Brandon's laying on the couch, checking out his phone. His girlfriend says she has to tell him something. The look on his face is inquisitive, but not concerned. What comes next, well...we're pretty sure he would never have guessed in a million years what she was going to tell him!

The look on his face after hearing her fart is the funniest part of the whole video! Is it a look of shock? Disbelief? Relief? Yeah, we're going with relief because of what he does next - he farts too! They'd probably both been waiting and neither of them wanted to be the first to do it. We've all been there!

@MissMe_kissMe gets it - "Omg the biggest fear of my life while dating. I wish whoever I’m with has that reaction." @Gillian remembers her first time, "I farted in front of my husband for the first time when we were on our honeymoon. I died! We were driving and I had a stomachache! He laughed." We laughed at @paige.n.caldwell with this one: "I love that he had one in the chamber ready to go." 

And @Swagner008 tries to keep it serious with, "She’s so brave ….it’s very vulnerable to get to that level of intimacy. It’s like you’re sharing the worst thing about yourself."

Commenters also reminded the gassy couple that this is a whole new relationship level. @wazonceok shares, "This relationship is moving along nicely." As did @Picses who shares, "You've now graduated to the next level of your relationship."

Brandon and his girlfriend passed more than just gas - they passed a relationship milestone! We wish them the best of luck!