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Man Makes Funny Parody of What It's Like to Suddenly Have a Girlfriend

This is so true!

We were shocked to learn that this funny parody of what changes when a man gets a girlfriend did not in fact come from the real Keanu Reeves, but instead his doppelgänger @Unreal Keanu Reeves. The resemblance is uncanny!

He's also a very funny guy. The caption of the video reads, "Life with a girlfriend.", and he pokes fun at all the changes in his life now that he has a solid girlfriend. And he nails each one of the changes!

Too funny and accurate, right? Now he's got to put the toilet seat down. He can't drink milk out of the container anymore but instead needs to use a cup. He can't cut bread on the counter like a savage but has to use a cutting board. It's all so right!

@VeeDaViny laughed, "Lol but all these should be standard!" @Mpho lebogo adds, "Never ever envisioned John wick doing this!" @ShebaSaltana1 asks, "Seriously is this really you Ted, I mean Neo. I mean John Wick, I mean Jack from Speed. Literally my all time favourite actor!"

@Audra Milburn isn't wrong when she says, "Training went well I see." @Erzi made us laugh with, "John Wick 4: Bored at Home." @naty1dnt44 is all of us in disbelief, "How is this possible? I know that this is not Keanu, but the similarity.... Unbelievable!" Our favorite comment though came from @Mim Merall who asked, "What if this actually is Keanu Reeves pretending he’s not Keanu Reeves just so he can live a normal TikTok life." What if she's right? He really looks exactly like the real thing!

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