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Therapist Shares the Trick to Putting the Spark Back in a Relationship

It's common knowledge that every relationship experiences peaks and valleys when it comes to passion and desire, but for some it flat out turns dull, and stays there. What can you do to shake things up and put the fire back in your love life? 

In this video, relationship therapist known as Your Pocket Therapist gives us the breakdown of what action to take. 

Her advice is spot on! That thing about giving someone a chance to miss you is so well known because it stands true. Absence can, in fact, make the heart grow fonder. 

It seems a large portion of viewership agrees and resonates with the advice given here as well. Some commenters confirm that space is crucial to a relationship's chemistry. TikToker @tgif_di says, "I agree, I’m a flight attendant and I love that we get some space it’s always exciting to get come home and see my husband." For others, that space happens naturally. Viewer @christireads says, "I’m such an introvert that I feel like there are parts of me even my husband of 15 years doesn’t know. How’s that for mystery?"

Some have found creative ways to keep the excitement alive. Commenter @spiritmadeofstars shares, "I prefer reading. It gets me out my head, I imagine my partner and me as the characters in the books. I talk about the books with my partner after. I don't like to spend days/weeks away from him, so it's better like this."

Bottom line, every relationship needs room to breath, so it's necessary to create space between the two of you in order to sustain a passionate connection. However, not everyone has to practice that in the same way. Take some time to experiment and find out what works best for you. 

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