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Woman Claims to Have Tricks for Getting a Boyfriend on 'Hinge'

She's figured out a formula to it.

If you're ready to find your next boyfriend, @Raqcity has the tricks for finding him on Hinge. Will these tips help you find him on different dating apps? Yes.

Raqcity has come up with seven Hinge hacks that will help you find a man. She says that she is really good at getting boyfriends but really bad at keeping them. She suggests you listen to her hacks, but don't expect any solid love advice.

Do you agree with her hacks? They make sense for the most part! We think her first hack, to swipe one day a week and then go on pause, is the best one. Too many options are not always a good thing. Number two is life advice: If someone (or something) looks too good to be true, they are. We also think six is solid advice - why not give the guy with a less than flattering picture a chance if you like his other qualities? Can't hurt to meet him and find out if he's better looking in person...that's what happened to Raqcity!

Commenters had lots to say about Raqcity's hacks. @Johanna Danas laughed, "Be honest with yourself LOL"! Raqcity replied back, "Some people NEED to hear this! LMFAO! Like everyone is beautiful obvi and should be their biggest fan, but STILL". @C said, "My bf had a terrible bio and mediocre pics. Super hot in person and one of the deepest people I’ve ever met."! @Rachel made us laugh with her comment, "Bold of you to assume I’m getting any matches". @Bobs Baken advises, "Remember kings, do the opposite so you can catch their attention". Good lookin' out, Bobs!

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