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Man's Joke About Gaining Weight After Marriage Is All Too Relatable

Oh, we're totally feeling him on this.

This is the most accurate, on point, relatable TikTok in the history of TikToks! @JayNagy shares some before and after pictures that are ridiculously perfect in portraying what happens when you go from focusing entirely on looking amazing to find that special someone, to having that special someone feed you three meals a day.

It starts out with Jay sharing his before pictures, and he's hot! He's in shape, and you can tell he spent a lot of time focusing on fitness. The after pictures tell a different story (but he's still cute!)

So funny, right? With over 12 million views, 1.2 million likes, and over 8,000 comments, we aren't the only ones relating to Jay and his wife's cooking.

@cleanwithtiktokasmr says, "She's building that perfect dad bod that we woman actually want and love.", to which Jay replies, "Sculpt away!" @Karla R laughs when she shares, "My husband doesn’t even look at old pictures of himself. He’s accepted his fate." Jay replies back that he'll probably take that advice. @Alexis King says what Jay wants to hear with, "You got happy!" Jay responds, "See that’s the comment I need."

@Mads shares a secret, "She did that on purpose my boy." A lot of commenters said that this is how she's going to keep him from running away, like @Blind Fox, "Making you slower so you can’t run away." But @phoebebrewster wasn't having it and said, "Don't blame her! YOU DIDNT PUSH THAT PLATE AWAY!" We liked @Hailey Bishop's comment best of all, "Same guy, still attractive. Psst, women all like a dad bod because we like food." She's not wrong!

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