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Woman's Attempt to Tell Best Friend She's Engaged Goes Horribly Wrong

We laughed out loud!

We actually laughed out loud at this one! Talk about being clueless!

@radiomillions shared a TikTok about trying to tell her BFF that she got engaged, and her bestie was not picking up what she was putting down! The two seem to be enjoying drinks at a restaurant. She kept asking her friend to "cheers" with her, holding her champagne in her left hand so the ring would be visible. Bestie couldn't figure out why she kept wanting her to cheers with her, until she FINALLY got it. What happens next is the best part!

Bestie is SO perplexed, until she's not. We love how absolutely genuine her realizing that her BFF was engaged is! Her holy-four-letter-word-reply is too funny! We're surprised they didn't get kicked out of the restaurant! @Kairo wondered, "Is apologizing for swearing in an empty bar Canadian culture? LOL! This was so cute."

With over 2 million views, the comments didn't disappoint. @Kaladian says, "Hahaha she’s like, girl I can’t keep doing this let me sip! Congrats!!!" @Luis notes, "Our clueless, expressive, authentic friends are our best friends." @Delaneyisabel points out, "The poor girl just wanted to drink!"

@JustuhKat shares, "The "look at her hand!" in the background", we laughed at that and at the "Pay attention!" @Marysa English admits, "I didn’t read the caption beforehand, and I honestly had no idea what was happening lol. I’m with the friend!"

The whole thing was so cute, and the comments were a fun read. Congrats to you, @radiomillions! You've got a great best friend, too!