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New 'Flowers' Text Prank on Men Is So Wrong but So Funny

Have you ever wanted to just make your partner a little bit jealous, just for the fun of it? You know, shake his chains up just a little? We all have. Relationship pranks can be hilarious and fun, assuming they're well intentioned and properly performed. 

In this video, TikToker @samanthaajeaann texts her boyfriend a "thank you" for flowers that he (of course) didn't send and drama ensues. His reaction is absolutely priceless! 

Yikes! That's one way to start an argument. We must admit though, it is pretty funny. This could be an easy way to evaluate someone's behavior and personality when there's a bit of competition anxiety present. 

Many viewers are familiar with this tactic, and it looks like not everyone has the response they were expecting. User @malina.jae says, "I did this once and my ex actually said 'your welcome!' knowing full well he didn’t get me flowers." Another commenter, @diana9ccb says, "I did this once, he broke up with me because he couldn't bring himself to get me flowers and said I'd be better off with whoever did send me the flowers." She may have dodged a bullet on that one!

User @katielee481 confirms a similar sentiment, "They’ll be jealous someone else got you flowers but still won’t buy you any themselves." In that case, buy yourself some flowers and find you a new man. 

This idea may be a bit sneaky and underhanded. We're not saying it's right, but if you want to know how secure someone feels in the relationship, that's one way to do it. 

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