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Couple's Sweet First Look with Their Wedding Party Is Everything

What a fantastic idea!

Awwww! This is so awesome! We love how @Georgia Geminder and her husband to be included their entire family when they did their first look on their wedding day!

Although the video is very short, only 14 seconds or so, happiness and love flows throughout it. The groom looks so excited, and the bride looks absolutely stunning surrounded by family and friends. The video's caption reads, "The first time seeing each other, at the bedeken, after a week apart. Pure happiness!" 

So sweet, right? We love it and wish them nothing but the best. Commenters were swooning, too. @Talia shares, "I adore this tradition! The bride and that dress are stunning!" @Lola adds, "That is the most beautiful wedding look I have ever seen!" @oliviaomniana thought so too, "Mazel tov! You looked SO elegant and beautiful!! Love the style of your dress!" @.jewishprincess adds, "Okay you are easily one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen, wow you look STUNNING. Mazal tov!" @Shivonne says, "She looks like a princess!" She absolutely does!

@Em asks, "Wait can someone explain why they didn’t see each other for a week before their wedding?" Another commenter replies, "It's a Jewish tradition." @Jenniepax admits, "This might be my most favorite tradition. Idk if I could be away for a whole week- but this is beautiful." We agree with @Patricia S who says, "The joy is palpable!" @Hannah Chapman made us laugh with, "Where the Jewish boys I’m ready to convert!" Congrats to the happy couple!

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