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Dating Expert Shares One Thing Never to Ask on a First Date

It's kind of a game but still makes sense.

First dates can be nerve wracking, especially if you have a great time and want to see the person again. You want them to know you're interested but don't want to seem too forward or needy. It's a balancing act. At the end of that date, there's one thing that @Quentin, a dating expert, says that women should never ask. And it actually makes sense.

It seems natural to let someone know that you enjoyed the date and want to see them again, right? Well, wrong according to Quentin. He explains that attraction grows in space. You need to leave the guy with a little mystery. Make him ask, 'Does she like me? Does she want to see me again?" Leave him wanting more.

While it does kind of seem like game playing, we also get the idea of it. @Jennifer L Heath isn't sure about it, "Sounds like playing a game." @markeygemini agrees, "All these moves, strategies, games... blah." @Jacinta says, "That sounds needy." @W Hutch wasn't having it, "I mean how are you an expert?" @Jan agreed, "You are too young to give dating advice to older women."

Other commenters had questions. @Dani asks, "So do you message after the date to let him know you had a nice time or not?" @Rachel chick shares, "Ok but he asked me and I told him I wasn’t sure and then I didn’t hear from him again." @Dondi Lewis said, "They usually ask me that question not the other way around." And others agreed with her. @I_dancebecause says, "Eww ya that seems like common sense." @Abby shares, "Where were you 3 months ago with this advice? Maybe it’s too late now for me." 

We guess you could always try it once and see how it goes. If he doesn't reach out to you, you can always reach out to him if you're that interested!

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