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Man's Advice for Finding a Man at 'Home Depot' Is Priceless

He kind of has a point.

We didn't know there was a difference between shopping at Home Depot and Lowe's, but according to @deltapride416 (Andrew) there is. And if you're shopping for a man, Home Depot is the place to be.

Andrew says that if a woman is looking for a bougie man, you'll find him at Lowe's, but if you're looking for a man who's into doing real projects, you'll find him at Home Depot. But you're probably looking in the wrong area of the store. You need to be in the concrete section, and Andrew's reasoning is hilarious and on point.

He's too funny! He advises to make sure the man you're interested in doesn't have a ring on and doesn't have a tan line from a ring. Walk up to him with confidence and say, "We're both looking for something that sets up fast and hard." We LOL'd! 

And we weren't alone. @brittany laughs and says, "I hang out in the Milwaukee power tool section. This way I know he can afford the Chanel’s that I want." You gotta go to Lowe's for that, Brittany! @Trinity Rose Oceania is with Brittany and shares, "My Milwaukee man practically THROWS money at me, this plan works!" @MoniCubes said, "Home Depot = Walmart ; Lowes = Target…. Got it."

@Alliyah needs more information and asks, "Okay so what time do I need to go to Lowe’s, Andrew?" @K L6236 also has questions, "Are the men sorted by section? If I need an electrician, I look in electrical. If I need an appliance guy I look in that aisle, etc?" @Prissy4997 wonders, "So where does that leave Harbor Freight?" Andrew replies back with, "I’m so glad you asked! Let me just tell you about it tomorrow!" We'll be waiting to hear!

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