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Man's Description of 'Trying to Find a Girlfriend' Has Us Cracking Up

He totally isn't wrong!

Let us just say that @Brant weiss is a very funny guy! The quick TikTok he posted recently about trying to find a girlfriend made us LOL. 

In just 10 seconds, he likened trying to find a girlfriend to something that many people were trying to do recently, most with no luck. You'll understand once you watch!

Now whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or not, you've got to admit that this is really funny! The comparison is spot on! He's so serious when he starts that we weren't expecting the turn it took. We are glad he took it though because it made our day! 

@lemonarmygang summarized this with one word, "Savage." @dmarielvt made us laugh when she shared, "Unfortunately had better luck with T Swift tickets than I’ve ever had with finding a boyfriend." @Gianna Ciracola commiserated with Brant when she said, "The struggle is real out here." @Kenz adds, "Felt that. and I wasn’t even trying to order t swift tickets!" @benhamingibs had some advice, "Ask boys out then." 

We don't think Brant is going to have a hard time finding a girlfriend for long. @welshcupcake asked, "damn... how tall are you? x" (he's 6 feet, 6 inches tall) and @Hollisxanne.32 flirted and said, "Cute voiceee." @celinakfit offered, "Getting rid of the “nice guy” hat might help." to which Brant replied, "But they are my hats!," meaning they are his brand and hats he sells. And @quidnunc_diva sounded bitter when she said, "I submitted my CV for your girlfriend position, and I never heard anything from you, so I guess you are like the Ticketmaster too." Ouch!

Sending good vibes and crossing our fingers that Brant finds some love!