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People Are Cracking Up After Bride-to-Be Shares Her Fiance's Wall Calendar

Guess he wants to keep track of the important stuff.

Important dates in life are always memorized and looked forward to (or in some cases dreaded). Some of us still put these dates on the calendar, just in case we forget. That's what @Cara's fiancé did. We applaud his organization!

Cara quickly shows us her fiancé's wall calendar. You can tell he uses it to keep track of what's going on each day, and to note important things like, well, his upcoming nuptials to Cara.

Isn't that both sweet and hysterical at the same time?! They're getting married on the 9th, and so he notes "Off" because obviously he can't work on his wedding day! He also notes "Wedding to Cara, 5:30". We love it!

Commenters were there for it too. @Andrea laughs and says simply, "“Off”" Cara replies back with, "All the details." @Nicole laughed to when she said, "I like that he put your name just in case", to which Cara replied, "Better to be safe than sorry!" @Faye Whitaker made us giggle when she said, "To do list: Wedding to Cara" with a little check mark after it. @Bianca isn't wrong when she points out, "“5:30” As if it isn’t an all-day event and he just has to show up at 5:30." 

@Gigi dub says what we were all thinking with, "We love an organized King. Congrats!" @TheMissMarple was on top of her game with, "I sent mine a Google calendar invite, didn’t want him to double book himself." @RobotSheeken had our favorite comment, "Mine RSVP'd as "maybe" the e-invite (I had added him as co-host)" Gotta love a guy with a sense of humor!

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