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Reality TV Star Wants a $250,000 Wedding and People Have Feelings

Do you want the wedding or the marriage?

Some of y’all might remember when Jennifer Lopez’s character said in the movie The Wedding Planner that a surefire way to know if a marriage was doomed was if the couple’s first dance was to Olivia Newton-John’s “I Love You, I Honestly Love You”. That was fiction.

In the real world, you might be surprised what a sign that you’re headed to divorce actually is. I’ll share it in a sec. First, check out this post by @podcaster74 that features a pretty ridiculous “demand” (one that got folks all in a tizzy on social media) from one of the stars of the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

Listen, I basically tapped out when he said that she hadn’t worked in years but I was really like, “What are you smokin’?!” when she said that he was the one who was broke because he didn’t want to spend a quarter of a million on a wedding. Audacity is wild out here.

And while it’s easy to chalk up the Phresher and Jenn drama to being nothing more than reality television fodder, the reality is that a lot of couples go into debt over their wedding day. In fact, it’s around half. Not only that but there are plenty of articles out in cyberspace that say the bigger a couple’s wedding is, the more likely they are to get a divorce (one of them is right here).

A part of the reason is because, well, weddings are expensive and debt continues to be a leading cause for marriages falling apart. Another reason is a lot of people spend more time planning a wedding than preparing to build a life with someone (premarital counseling is essential, people). Still another reason is folks wanna “flex for the ‘gram” forgetting that after the big ass party — life begins.

Case in point: a lot of women say that they’ve dreamed about their wedding since they were a little girl yet you don’t hear nearly as many say that they’ve thought about what it would take to be a wife and have a healthy relationship. And that can be quite telling (especially since most divorces are initiated by women).

Bottom line, nice weddings are just that. Just make sure that you factor in all of the days that will follow it — and how much money you will need for each and every one of ‘em. Straight up.

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