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Couple's 'Endless Love' Anniversary Tribute Is Downright Hilarious

They're keeping it fun after all these years.

Wow! 24 years of marriage is definitely something to celebrate, and this couple does it in a big way! 

@mariadbrumfield shares this sweet video of her and her husband recreating them singing what we are guessing was their wedding song, 'Endless Love'. The video shows them both dressed in their wedding clothes...she's lucky she can still fit in her wedding dress! She's holding a bouquet of flowers, and he's holding her. 

At first we thought maybe they were acting and being overly dramatic, but her caption proves us wrong. You can tell how crazy they still are about each other after all those years, "We had to redo this video. I broke down crying. I tried to keep it together this time. The emotions displayed were NOT AN ACT! After all we’ve been through, his hand on my chest touched my soul. Grateful for my life & Grateful for such an amazing husband. MY ENDLESS LOVE." When he puts his hand on her chest is about when we lost it, too! 

Commenters felt the love, too. @lettyv3 shares, "Definitely felt chills. Such a beautiful love story. Happy Anniversary!" @BlaqPhoenix22 also was touched by their video, "See! Y'all went and did it. Got me sitting here crying and stuff. #hopelessromantic #inlovewithlove" @Semeraion Basano had all the feels: "Omg why am I balling? This is so BEAUTIFUL, and when he touched your heart, it took my breath away. Pure and genuine. Love. God Bless." 

@PTarice wrapped it all up with, "I feel the love you two have for each other! So beautiful made me cry!" We felt the same way! Congratulations and happy anniversary to Maria and her husband. Wishing them many more happy years together!