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Woman's Mortifying Drunk Texts to Guy She Barely Knows Crack Us Up

This dude didn't know what hit him.

What is the one thing you are never supposed to do when you are drunk? Drunk text. Nothing good ever comes from drunk texting. Luckily @taraswrld is a good sport about it and lets us laugh at her experience while she cringes over it.

The video starts with her explaining that while she was drunk, she sent some sexual texts to a guy she's only been out with a few times. The results were cringeworthy. The caption of her TikTok reads, "i did this for you guys. i am MORTIFIED and would NEVER have texted him this if it wasn't for u so enjoy my embarrassment." We definitely enjoyed it and actually laughed out loud!

Can you just feel how mortified she was? Commenters weren't bothered by it. @Cheyenne says, "No cause he’s into it tho." @Lexi agreed, "HE LIKED IT THERE AINT NO WAY HE DIDN’T." @Erica did too with, "The way the “right now” woulda had me in my bed so fast."

We thought the whole thing was funny, and laughed when Tara said, “This is a family app.” @Jurnee Malina laughed, "“all of it” BAHAHAHA" @Payton Olson says, "we all be thinking these things but tara actually DOING them!" @Nicole jokes, "Tomorrows video will be about flight deals to Montana. Calling it." @Taetum Rose shares, "Imagine this is who she ends up marrying. this is where is all began! Omg you’re my hero." @BuzzKillington13 is spot on with, "Task failed successfully."

We're just glad that Tara is okay with taking one for the team so that we can all laugh at her shenanigans. As @jesse says, "Tara you never disappoint." He's right!

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