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Woman Explains Why Women Should Never 'Mother' Their Men

Yeah so this makes total sense.

Do you baby your man? @Margarita Nazarenko explains why you shouldn't treat him like a child, and it actually makes a lot of sense!

Margarita says that men think they want to be mothered and taken care of, but they really don't. She adds that if you coddle and nurture and mother them, down the road in your relationship they'll rebel against it. She explains the why and what 'mothering' means, and how it can even affect your sex life.

It all makes sense to us! And we can see how men would like it at first but would quickly be turned off by it. We think she might be on to something with this advice!

Commenters wanted more! @Alice B begs, "PLEASE ELABORATE! Sorry not yelling!" @ezapper asks, "How can I still take care of my man without entering mother territory? It’s a blurred line for me." @Hannah Hannah wants more as well, "I need a list of exactly everything to NOT do." @LT asks, "Can you do examples. Like how to treat them when sick or are super busy and could use help with cooking/cleaning." @Amanda H wants to know, "What if he is lazy and doesn’t want to help with anything. Can’t just ignore that for years. Help."

Other commenters feel the same way Margarita does. @sweetlikecandy shares, "My motherly instincts are for my future kids, not for somebody’s son." @itsveraaaaaa also gets it, "This!! Was about to ask my man what he ate today, and I was like....nah, not his mother!! Same with medicine when he’s sick. He can get it himself."

@CP's comment is not advice that we suggest anybody follow, "Just let him down from time to time and don’t do extra work around the house. Leave his mess to himself." Wow! That's not what Margarita was getting at or how healthy relationships work!

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