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Divorced Parents Get 'Re-engaged' and the Photos Are Hallmark-Worthy

Now this is a true love story.

We know it happens a lot, but it's still always refreshingly surprising to hear stories about couples who get divorced and then remarried to each other. Those are the true love stories! @Rachel Gaede is sharing her parents' re-engagement, and it's so sweet!

The video starts with Rachel explaining that her divorced parents were getting re-engaged, and that her dad asked her to take pictures of the experience. There's joy and love in both parent's faces, and they both look very happy with their decision.

While the video starts out with photos of just her parents, soon her siblings show up in the pictures as well. Their family is back together as a whole! We like her caption too, "What in the Hallmark?" She's not wrong!

Commenters loved the video and had lots to say. @Aisha Diallo asks, "I need to know all the details. Why did they get divorced? What rekindled their love? STAT!" She's all of us! We want the deets, too! @Jamie Stone adds, "Every divorced kid’s dream! So happy for you guys!" @Its Wheel Life shares, "Married for 5, divorced for 2, remarried for 22 years! God healed and restored our marriage! Congrats!" But it doesn't always work out according to @notkaitlan, "This happened to my parents and then they got divorced again lmfao" Well, at least they tried again!

Our favorite comment came from @juls who says, "The parasocial relationship I have with this family this is so cute!" That happens to so many of us on social media! We feel like part of families we don't even know. Congrats to the happy couple and the whole family!

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