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Man's Loving Words for Ex-Wife After Losing Their Children Have Us in Tears

It's clear that there's so much love between these two.

It's every parent's worst nightmare: losing a child. @thelennyhunt knows more about it than he ever wanted to know. He lost his two sons in a car accident, in a car that he was driving.

He shares his journey through child loss with his audience on TikTok. Someone recently asked if his wife blamed him for the accident, and what he had to say about her was beautiful.

You can tell that he still cares for his ex-wife so much. The two of them divorced after the accident. Many people might see the reason for that is because she blames him. Lenny explains that she never blamed him and actually went out of her way to make sure that he understood that she didn't blame him. He never speaks ill of her he says, because she is a good woman. This gives us all the feelings!

And we're not alone. @Michelle DeLuna offers, "You and your story break my heart. I’m so sorry this happened to your family." @Veronica Davidson shares, "That means a lot that she doesn’t blame you. I’ve always made it a point to tell my husband that he did everything he could."

Many commenters had similar stories of loss. Kim says, "My ex and I divorced and because of our son dying. We actually are great friends and people don't understand that." @Old Gray Mare admires Lenny, "I admire you. I love when people still express kind words about their ex. You did love them all at one point." And @MazzyJ.DaBills gets it too, "I know this heartbreaking loss all too well! I talk highly of my ex as well! I’m completely broken, and we just didn’t grieve together. Prayers to you!"

@Keryn Sheppard says, "She is obviously as amazing and respectful as you are." Lenny and his ex are very lucky to have this type of respectful relationship still.