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Doctor Explains the Truth About 'Dismissive Avoidant' People in Relationships

This makes more sense than we could ever imagine!

If you've ever dated - or are in a relationship - with someone who just shuts down when things get tough or uncomfortable, you may be in a relationship with someone who has a 'dismissive avoidant' behavior. 

@Dr. Sarah Hensley, also known as The Dating Decoder, shares information about what dismissive avoidance is and what people do if they're exposed to certain experiences during childhood. 

It makes sense, right? Anytime you can understand where somebody else is coming from, or how they got to where they are, it really helps you deal with them in a way that works for both of you.

Commenters appreciated the explanation and wanted more. They had questions about toxic relationships, shared their stories, and had questions they wanted answered. @sophiefindlay885 said, "Completely accurate. All about the childhood and I can see it when he talks about his fam. Now I have the empathy to be patient because I understand!!" @In Love says, "I know this man!" @Drewry Tatterson asks, "Where is part 2, please?" as does @MA Smith, "so where is part 2??" @Victoria shared, "This was me and my best friend. That may seem silly to some but I truly loved her but DA ruined our friendship." We wonder if things would've turned out differently if she know and understood about dismissive avoidance? @Fast Track was not buying it, "Totally disagree with what you said... Your other videos are on point this one is off."

Overall, most people that commented either had questions or wanted Part 2. She hasn't replied to many questions, and we couldn't find a Part 2. Hopefully she's working on it because it sounds like people are genuinely interested in getting more information about DAs.

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