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Man Shares 4 Different Types of Orgasms Women Can Have

Many of us ladies know all about the clitoral orgasm, but did you know there are actually four different types of orgasms that a woman can have? This is good news right?! 

In this clip, TikToker and men's health advocate @getnaturaljackson is giving the details on all four. You might want to grab your notes for this one because you'll probably want to research more on these later. 

Well, this was enlightening! This is probably the best news in female sexuality next to multiple orgasms. Though, one has to wonder, are most women hitting all four of these or are there some things we need to be exploring more about our own bodies? Needless to say, we could all stand to start paying closer attention. 

Many viewers, however, seem a bit perplexed or jaded on the matter, due to some of their own experiences.  User @flutterbyhi says, "4 chances and they still miss," and @je_suis_kay_saadia says, "4 ways to get the job done and I still have to get myself there..." On another note, commenter @victoriaanalexandrax says, "What about the one when you eat chocolate cake?" Yes! Looks like this one was skipped entirely, and remember that chocolate cake won't "forget" to call you the next morning. 

They say you learn something new every day. Now we know there are four types of orgasms, now it seems we all could use some lessons on how to actually achieve all of these. Though, that might not be one for the TikTok algorithm.

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