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Woman's Description of What an Orgasm Feels Like Is So Interesting

It's a little bit different for everyone.

Do you know what it feels like to have an orgasm? Believe it or not, @Georgia (O Blooms), who is the founder of O Blooms vibrators, gets this question a lot, so she gave TikTokers the answer.

Her description is very detailed and pretty spot on. If you're not sure if you know the feeling, watch on to find out! If you know exactly what it feels like, watch on and see if you agree with her.

What do you think? We thought her description was very accurate. From the buildup to the 'flush', she pretty much summed it up! Your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure spikes, and you get short of breath. And the tingling/floating sensation. She does say these feelings can vary based on intensity, which is also true. It can also depend on whether you're alone or with someone else, to be honest.

There weren't many comments on the video, but there were some funny ones. @sadie y rutherford says simply, "I always say you’ll know ha-ha"! Georgia replies, "Some people don’t! Its crazy!" Sadie replied back to Georgia with, "It's the most amazing pleasure." Another commenter adds to the feelings with, "Maybe some contractions too." Georgia replies back, "Totally", with a little winky emoji. @mr_pc_za tries to add, "Most of the time they fake it." @Georgia clapped right back at him with, "Ever thought about why we would have to fake it?" Such a great come back to a comment like that!

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