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Comedian's Simple Description of Dating Couldn't Be More Spot-On

This about sums it up.

Want to know what dating is? We laughed at comedian @Molly Brenner's description of dating. She hit the nail right on the head with it. It's so simple that it's perfect.

We all know the pain of sitting and staring at your phone, waiting for a text from someone you want to hear from, right? Well, that's part of her definition of dating. But the second part is what made her description so funny!

So dating is both waiting to get a text from someone that you're into, while ignoring a text from someone you aren't into. "And then you die." The accuracy of her description made us laugh. @XXXDepresion had a similar description, "Being ignored by someone you want while ignoring someone who wants you." @heyruss2021 was thinking along the same lines too, "And realizing you are waiting for texts from the person who is ignoring you…" Ouch!

@Nicoletta760 gets it, "Well because he texted me Happy Thanksgiving with a heart so it’s gotta mean something." @a n i a laughs, "The dead look in your eyes!" @Marissa Ginty admits, "Me checking to see if he texted me after watching this." @kris10nola didn't like what she was hearing and shared, "The facts are too loud, ma'am."

@LeftinTX didn't agree, "Disagree. Dating is waiting for the red flags they're hiding to appear, before you've already entangled your life completely." Well that's pretty true, too. And @Lau Lau made us laugh with, "Most accurate dating video I've seen on this app." Short, sweet, and to the point, Molly's description definitely resonated with a lot of people!

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