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'Bachelor Nation' Couple's Surprise Engagement News Is Simply the Best

We've been waiting forever for him to put a ring on it!

Who doesn't love a sweet engagement story? This is one for the record books, as a longtime Bachelor Nation couple just sealed the deal. And even though we have no idea what the groom-to-be says during the proposal, it still brought us happy tears!

The video starts with the tail of an airplane, then shows clouds, followed by the couple on a beach somewhere. He drops to one knee, she jumps into the air, and the next thing we know, they're hugging. She must've said yes!

OMG! It's about time that Dean Unglert put a ring on @Caelynn Miller-Keyes!

If you're a Bachelor in Paradise fan, you already know these two met in Mexico during Season 6. They've been together since 2019, living the van life, traveling the country. Dean has always said he wouldn't marry her unless she asked him, so this proposal was a huge surprise to fans who have been waiting forever for them to get married.

And the fans couldn't wait to share their excitement. Commenter @Sarah Belton271 shares, "He finally did it. And he didn't make you ask him!! Congratulations." Another TikTok user, @sammie_sue2300 exclaims, "I’ve been waiting for this since the first-time you guys met on BIP!" Lots of others felt the same way. @Jana Lee says, "You guys are my favorite! I have been cheering you on from the beginning. I’ve been married for 33 years. You guys are special." While there are too many congratulations comments to count, there's lots of love being shared. @Marly tells them, "So happy for you both. I love your love story!!"

Isn't it great when love stories end with a happily ever after?