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Spot-On Advice for Dealing With 'Ghosters' Says It All

People who "ghost" are probably one of the most obnoxious types that exist on the planet today. We all have tried to avoid them, yet people everywhere are still falling victim to their disappearing ways. So, what can we do about this problem once and for all?  

TikToker LaurenJamesKing shares a word to the wise about those dreaded ghosters, and what she has to say hits the nail right on the head. 

No lies detected here! Now, here's the thing. The advice she gives is good, and super simple, but it's not always easy. Why? Because it's normal to want answers and closure to why someone leaves the relationship. It's not natural to us to be cool with basically being abandoned without explanation. That's why it's tempting to reach out after being ghosted. However, reaching out rarely serves to reward for it's intended purposes, and if often leave us feeling even more frustrated. That's why the advice Lauren gives is a practice, a skill is master over time. It CAN be done! 

Viewership of the clip seems to be outstandingly positive, with many sharing their own testimonies on the whole ghosting conundrum. User @theabberdoo claims, "I’m so bored with people who don’t even match the bar that I literally physically can’t put effort into someone who doesn’t do it for me." Relatable! Commenter @moshyamillion says, "You speaking to my heart with my chestnut praline latte I’m drinking now. But yup. You got me. I already decided. It’s me first." Lastly, @kimberllybravo, advises, "Please don’t go back. I never thought I would find someone but the moment I chose myself, someone amazing came into my life and goes above & beyond." That's the way it often goes! 

When ghosters ghost, there's only one logical solution, beat them at their own game by disappearing from their life, only harder. When they come back (and they always do), it's best to keep your eyes forward, for good.