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Daughters Rate Their Mom's Boyfriends Post-Divorce and It's Priceless

These poor dudes didn't stand a chance.

This video of @Lauren and her sister rating their mom's ex's post-divorce is so funny! Mom divorced 15 years ago, so she's had several ex-boyfriends for her girls to choose to rate and make fun of.

The girls are laughing before they even get started, so you know it should be fun to watch. The first ex is Phil, and the girls rate him a zero because he used to call them brats. Mom pops in and says Phil got better looking with age, but she also rated him low - she gave him a four. They continue on, and we continued laughing!

The girls seemed to like John more than mom did, and they said he was the closest boyfriend that their mom came to marrying. Then they backtracked and said Rob got closest to marrying their mom, but he got a negative number rating! Jeff got a six from the girls and an eight from mom because he had serious commitment issues. It ends on Mark, the current boyfriend that the girls can't rate because he's new. Mom didn't comment on this one.

We aren't sure why, but comments were turned off for this video, so we don't know what anybody else thought of it. The video did get 10 thousand plus likes, so people must have enjoyed watching the roast. We wonder if Mark knows he was rated on TikTok and how he'd feel about that. Maybe that's why mom stayed quiet on this guy!

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