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Parents' Reaction to Daughter Using Their Wedding Song Is So Sweet

They didn't know until she walked down the aisle.

This is the sweetest thing we've seen in a while! @deannainzano recently got married and did something that would surprise her parents.

Deanna chose a song to walk down the aisle to, Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do'. It's a beautiful song and makes a great wedding song. She didn't tell her parents what the song was, and they didn't find out until she was walking down the aisle

Awwww! It was her mom and dad's wedding song that she chose! It was their first dance song at their wedding. Her mom and dad didn't know until it was actually happening, and you can see the surprise and emotion on their faces! We have no idea how her dad kept it together as he walked with her. The whole video is just full of love!

We weren't the only ones that enjoyed seeing Deanna and her parents' special moment. @bkennedy27 says, "Your Mom is beautiful and what a lovely way to honor your parents!" @StunningoutcomesbyTammi shares, "So touching, can't stop crying!" @Kyle Huenefeld added, "You think when mom heard that song, she fell in love all over again?" We bet she did!

Lots of commenters shared that the song was also their wedding song, or their parents' wedding song. @Rae Seier asks, "I love it! What is the song called?" 

And we were kinda bummed that Deanna had to clarify anything about this sweet video! But she did and said, "To clarify: - The man standing next to my mom is my brother. My dad is walking me down the aisle - everyone is in black because I wanted them to be :) - the people talking are my aunt and cousin because she’s in a wheelchair and couldn’t see me when everyone stood up." No clarification needed on any level because this was your big day! Thanks for letting us all be a part of it!

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