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Woman Shares How to Date Successfully Without Dating Apps

What she says makes a lot of sense.

If you're dating, you know how hard it can be to meet somebody compatible, normal, and worth your time. It's not easy. @serenakarrigan gets it, and she shares some advice to help make it a little easier.

Serena says that she's deleted all of her dating apps after making three changes to her life and outlook on dating. In the video she's getting ready to go out on a date. She looks gorgeous, and sips a glass of wine as she shares her tips.

Serena's three tips were life changing for her dating life! So what were the tips? Well, the first one is that she went to therapy. During therapy, she realized that she crossed her arms all the time which made it seem like she wasn't interested and closed off. Tip number two was to smile! It makes you more approachable. And the third tip was to take pressure off of yourself. She started dating multiple people and dating just because she liked someone, not because she was looking for a relationship. Simple tips, but they do make a lot of sense.

The biggest questions that came from several commenters was about meeting people. @Cooking_Goddess asked, "So where do you meet decent men? Inquiring minds need to know! Good luck on your date! You look great!" She didn't respond, but several other comments were about the same thing.

@Katie shared, "You’re genuinely one of the most helpful TikTokers, your advice has helped me so much!" @anjaser says, "I can’t smile at anyone I consider attractive for the life of me." Serena replied back with, "Which is exactly why you have to force yourself to try!"

Overall, commenters approved of the advice. Serena needs to do another TikTok about where's she's meeting these guys since she deleted all of her dating apps!