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Woman's Awful Date Experience Reminds Us to Trust Our Intuition

What do you do when your date turns out to be a total creep?

TikToker Summer shares her story of a date gone wrong with a reminder of how important it is to trust your gut when you find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament. 

We can only imagine how scared she must have been. It's very unfortunate that even today, this is such a common experience. We often hear, “You went up to his house, what did you expect?” Well, we expect for others to listen and understand when we say we don't want to do something. We expect them to honor that request. This woman handled the situation well given the circumstances, and it's important for women in particular to come together in advocacy and support when in a sticky situation.

That support has absolutely been pouring in from concerned viewers who assure Summer that she did the right thing by getting the heck out of there and refusing to fold on her boundaries. User @vsiaumau says, “I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE SAFE !!! no portion of this was ever your fault.” Another commenter, @beckyyykt, adds, “How scary. Glad you’re okay. You made your boundaries clear and he was VERY out of line.” That is the absolute truth!  To evade future risks, @evelynlaboy3 advises, “Please please ladies! Do Not Go to a Date’s Home on the first date!” This is wise advice, but it's important to remember that even if you do go to a date's home on the first date, it is NOT consenting to any intimate acts. 

Safety and comfort are always top priority when dating someone new, and we should never have to tolerate anyone who pushes the envelope. Hats off to Summer for trusting her gut and finding the courage to share her story. When we enforce our boundaries and insist on nothing less than respect, we make it easier for people to understand what lines are not to be crossed.