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Dating Coach Shares the #1 Thing People Forget When Dating

It's so important and so true!

Dating can be hard, right? It seems like there are so many rules, so many questions, and so many games. @paul.fishman is a dating, relationship, and communication coach who is sharing the number one thing people forget when they are dating, and it is perfection.

The tip he shares is one everybody knows, but most people don't remember, or chose to ignore. His caption reads, "Stop worrying about WHY and just keep moving." But that's not the thing he wants to remind everyone (though that's good advice too!) Take a listen and see if you agree.

So simple, but it says so much! "If they wanted to, they would." It's so true, right? If they wanted to call, they would. If they wanted to ask you on another date, they would. If they wanted to text, they would. If they don't, they don't want it!

@Alex agreed, "Yup. Acknowledging that fact kept me from creating a fantasy in my head." @Kirby Lynn Rimmer did to when she said, "literally a motto I live by." @CoryP8N717 applies it to another part of life, "Works with applying and interviewing for a new job. Don’t overthink it! Good stuff!" @ImConrad4 keeps it real with, "I think this applies to to long term relationships as well…"

Not everybody agreed. @Tracy Lock shares, "Not if they have avoidant attachment….. or worried how you’ll react….." as does @TiaMarieeeeeee who says, "Completely disagree. Just because they want to, doesn’t mean they can and just because they don’t, doesn’t mean they don’t want to!!!!"

We love @Marie's comment, "Not just in dating. in every relationship one has. Friends and family too." So true! It's good advice in every part of life.

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