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Woman Sets Up Her Dating Profile 'Like a Man' and She Might Be On to Something

This could totally be worth a shot!

We think that @Dana Alyss might be on to something here! She recently shared a video of how her online dating success changed overnight...literally!

Dana explains that she deleted all of her dating apps a few weeks back, but then downloaded them again. She decided to set up her bio just like a man would, saying she was going to swipe right on everyone, and she left all the details about herself very shallow. She then swiped right until she ran out of likes and went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, she was shocked by what she found!

Dana woke up to 75 matches! She couldn't believe it and was laughing about it. She said she was going to go through each and every one of them and judge them, just like men do. Too funny!

With over 3,000 comments, commenters loved the idea! @N.Summer says, "I’m here for the stories … omg!!!" @Jacque agreed, "I absolutely cannot wait for this to become a series." Dana replied back, "Oh, it's happening!" Us and more than 5,700 people liked @Sue Bonzell's comment, "Yes but did you include a fish pic???" @Nakeya_H has tried the same tactic before, "I do this, I get the best responses. And like a man… 9/10 I don’t reply to LOL!" 

Our favorite comment came from @Holli Jo who said, "I’m married but I wanna do this for the pure chaos. I’d even put a pic of my husband and I in the profile just to see how many men don’t notice." You're so right Holli! Men probably wouldn't even notice...or care. Let us know how it goes!

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