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Woman's Joke About Dating in 2022 Has Us in Stitches

It's so true!

Meeting people when you're single can be a chore. @Msbeth1971 gets it and shares a joke about dating in 2022 that's pretty accurate. 

So where can you meet people? At the grocery store of course! But how will they know that you're looking to meet someone? You put a sign on your back, of course! That's what Beth did. We don't know if she was successful or not, but it sure was funny to watch!

A paper sign on her back that reads, "Say hi I'm single." We're not sure we would take this approach, but we guess it's worth a shot! She got more than 1,200 comments so people had a lot to say about the idea. 

@bismark94 liked the idea and said, "This should be a thing." @trilly points out, "Dating sites will go out of business.", but Beth replied, "Dating sites will always be around." @Chris asks, "Did it work??? Asking for a friend..." We wish Beth would've replied to this question!" @Jenny Jen Jen made us laugh with her comment, "When someone says hi to me, I look around to see if there’s anyone else besides me!"

We like @featherfields50's idea, "I bet if you sold shirts, you’d be a millionaire inside of six months!!" Beth did respond to this one with, "I made a shirt lol." People were on board! @Jeannie Rosa said, "Let's gooo! For all us single ones!" as did @Lorelei, "I thought about doing the same thing." @Nessyno5 didn't agree though, "No, it’s the handmade sign that is everything." We like the handmade sign too, it's hilarious!

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