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Woman Shares Hilarious Message About Dating After Being Ghosted

We honestly can't blame her for saying this.

Sometimes everybody needs a bit of a reminder that is straight facts, especially when it comes to dating. And the advice that @mariahgrippo shares in a recent TikTok is spot on. 

Whether you meet someone at work, through a friend, randomly, or over the internet, dating is HARD. So when you meet someone, have a great first date, and then all of the sudden get ghosted, it's like a kick in the gut. But Mariah's here to share a rock solid reminder. And it applies to everybody who dates! 

Girl, preach it! Don't get us wrong, it sucks when it happens. But you just gotta pick yourself back up and brush it off. It ain't shit.

And commenters were there for her and had hundreds of comments commiserating with her. @marcela_solcas93 shares, "Same. Great first date, greatest chemistry, lots of things in common. GHOSTED. They’re all actors, apparently, great at pretending." @NYE1715 made us laugh with this, "I think they are all going to the same conference and listening to the same podcast LOL. A mess." 

@dos_santos_tattoo rallied the troops by saying, "29 is hitting hard girls, let’s make a club." Another great idea came from @Millie: "Petition to start People Advisor instead of Trip Advisor." Genius! @Malida had a great suggestion to all: "I feel like you should just expose them so we can collectively never date these men again LOL!"

Our hearts broke a little for @Jaz: "I got ghosted after 2 months of doing all the coupley things you can possibly think of so I’m right there with ya!" That's a long time to date before getting ghosted!

It seems misery loves company, and unfortunately there's a lot of it out there in the dating world!