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Woman Shares the Simple Key to 'Dating for a Relationship'

With the rise of the hookup culture, it can be easy to wonder whether or not anyone is even into real relationships anymore. Though there is a lot of hype around casual hooks and situationships, believe it or not, there are still people who are interested in the security and stability that comes with being in an exclusive relationship. But how do you approach the circus that is today's dating scene when you're looking for something with substance and the potential to last? 

In this clip, TikToker @itsevaevans breaks down what your first three dates should look like if you're trying to optimize your dating experiences for a prospective solid relationship. 

I'm loving the idea of a quick first meeting "vibe check." That way, you don't invest too much time or energy on something that you were never going to be feeling it with anyway. You don't want to wind up on a planned six hour date with someone you're just not clicking with. Other than that, it seems like she has a solid strategy in place for angling into a relationship rather than just hooking up. 

Many viewers are chiming in with their thoughts on her ideas as well. Viewer @jaysweetz702 advises, "I don't agree. First date should be video chat." Now there's an interesting idea too! Video chatting as a first date would get you a vibe check without spending a whole lot of time or expenses. Plus, it pretty much rules out catfishing. 

User @emilyung02 says, "Good GOD these rules are getting exhausting. Ladies, just do what feels right. Stop overthinking so much, but have good boundaries and be clear about," and finally, commenter @friendsfan199 claims, "The only way to get a relationship in 2022 is to have strong boundaries and no fear of issuing ultimatums."

It sounds like establishing strong boundaries is a key takeaway when it comes to dating with the purpose of looking for a relationship. Anyone who's worthy of a relationship will have no issues respecting the boundaries you set forth. 

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